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Neary's NYC

March 28, 2024
April 25
May 16

Prime RW Casino NYC

April 18
May 2
July 18
August 22

Mohonk Mt House
June 25, 2024
New Paltz NY


The cd A Celt in the Cotton Club is "tasty cotton candy from O'Grady. A sassy, fizzy cocktail of bossa n' blues, O'Grady puts classic melodies of the most popular Irish parlor songs into a martini mixer, shakes and stirs the life out of it, and pours out something delightful. She mixes traditional tunes with nine original compositions that are so good, they sound like jazz standards. A stroke of genius."

Mike Farragher - Irish Voice

Bannerman Castle
August 17, 2024
Hudson River NY

Patterson Library
Sept 19, 2024
Bannerman Castle
September 15, 2024
Hudson River NY

Howlin' at the Howland Promo:
Live @ Winnie's Jazz Bar
Refinery Hotel NYC
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