SEPTEMBER 27, 2020
Main Street Beacon, NY in the Hudson Valley
"What happens when you take a chance and trust the Universe and follow your intuition? Magic! And destiny. When I decided to move to Beacon, New York, I first packed up my collection of over 75 vintage and retro hats and drove them from NYC to the Hudson Valley, leaving my bed and other furniture behind. Why? The wind told me they were my priority. Little did I know I was moving to a town with an incredible history of hat making! Sunday is Spirit of Beacon Day, and I made this video with Jon Slackman to honor the spirit that I have already found in my first month here. I am 100% in love with my new home, its people, its history, its mountains, rivers and wild life. It is truly "My Fall Romance" as I sing in this video. Filmed at Beacon Bath & Bubble LLC and the Tioronda Hat Factory on Fishkill Creek in Madam Brett Park."



Migrating toward Happiness

memoir available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press

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Live @ Winnie's 

Sketched by artist Jan Baross @ NYLO

Ed Cherry - guitar, David Shaich - bass

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