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Book Release:
Migrating toward Happiness
Migrating toward Happiness cover.jpg

“Migrating toward Happiness reads like a song, an intimate melody, made vibrant by the rhythm of motion and the shifting accents of the immigrant voice.  This story is at once familiar and extraordinary – it could be anyone’s family, any American journey – but the storytelling is so poignant, so lively and enchanting, that the tale is utterly seductive.  Tara O’Grady sings from the page in this charming debut, and her readers will be keen for an encore.” 

–Jeanine Cummins, American Dirt


Butterfly Coach
April 22, 2018.jpg

Tara is not only a performing artist, she is also a mindful mentoring coach and intuitive educator who teaches folks how to awaken their creativity and find their soul's purpose.

Each Tuesday, this self proclaimed Bliss Ambassador posts articles on her new site where she inspires people to spread their wings. As Butterfly Coach, she also teaches workshops and leads wellness retreats. If you are ready to be transformed, explore more with Tara by clicking the butterfly below.

Konnichiwa Chiquaqua
July 11, 2021
Towne Crier
Beacon, NY
August 6, 2021
Unison Arts
New Paltz, NY
Sept 9, 2021
Vinyl Room
Beacon, NY
Sept 19, 2021
New Paltz, NY
Sept 25, 2021
Irish Festival
Peekskill, NY
Oct 24, 2021
Woodstock, NY
Nov 11, 2021
Book Launch
Beacon, NY
Dec 4, 2021
Retro Holiday
Beacon, NY
Howlin' at the Howland


featuring Tara's cinematic collaborations with

Jon Slackman of Five Corner Films, and a jazz performance with guitarist Tony DePaolo.

Episode One - SEASONS OF LOVE - focuses visually and musically on the first four seasons the artist has experienced living in the Hudson Valley - summer, autumn, winter and now spring. Filmed in the historic Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, New York.

Episode 2 : The Fabric of Our Lives
Konk Life - Key West

Tara O'Grady was a resident of Key West where Ernest Hemingway used to live and write. In 2019 she was sponsored by The Studios of Key West to write songs in paradise. The organization nurtures creative exploration and collaboration supporting the advancement of artists of all disciplines. Tara is often inspired by the places she visits, evident from her songs about Belfast and New Orleans. She completed a full new album of songs about mocking birds, sunsets and key lime pie. Read her article featured in KONK LIFE

The Magic of Budapest

Photo: Richard J. Velasco

Tara O'Grady returned to the city where she studied during her university days to present a rare signed bible from 1893 belonging to one of Hungary's most famous sons - Ehrich Weiss - aka Harry Houdini. A press conference was held at The House of Houdini. Irish Ambassador Pat Kelly joined Tara along with Museum Founder and Hungarian escape artist David Merlini, as well as the Hungarian Prime Minister’s cultural advisor and poet Géza Szőcs who said "Books have their own destiny, and Tara was destined to bring this bible to Budapest."

Later that evening a concert was held at Becketts hosted by the Irish Hungarian Business Circle. Tara was joined by Hungarian jazz musicians, including Attila Korb on trumpet and trombone, Istvan Toth on guitar and Zoltan Olah on bass. It was a magical day indeed!

The story of Tara bringing the bible to Budapest reached newspapers across the globe, from Mexico to South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, France and even Qatar. Read Tara's article "The Magic of Dreams" which was published in Irish America Magazine, and more about Harry Houdini on the blog Wild About Harry.

IRISH TV: The Sunnyside Sessions

Tara's band appeared in a new music series launched on IRISH TV and Sky 191 with host Cathy Maguire in Ireland and online at


Filmed in the New York neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens, the show features Irish musicians living and performing in the Big Apple.

The launch party was held at the Irish Embassy in Manhattan where Tara was interviewed on the red carpet by RTE's Colm Flynn who also directed the series. She performed her swinging rendition of "I'll Tell Me Ma" with Cherish the Ladies while Joanie Madden dazzled the audience on an impromptu jazz flute solo.

Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired
SiriusXM NPR
What inspires you? How do you create? World-renowned jazz pianist Judy Carmichael explores these questions with her guests every week on her public radio show Judy Carmichael’s Jazz Inspired. Celebrated artists discuss their creative process and how their passion for jazz has inspired their work. They share their favorite recordings with the listener as well as insight into their life and art. Listen to her chat with Tara O'Grady.